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What can I say? I am your typical tech nerd, a real hopeless case that spends his work our strapped to a computer. When I am not working on one I am studying them. In the little free time that I have available I enjoy playing with them.

I started programming long before I ever got my hands on a console. Computers have just always been a part of my environment so it seems natural that they would pursue a career in tech, which I am doing as we speak.

Alright, enough of that, lets get this about me thing over with.

I like computers (did you notice?), problem solving, and development in all of its forms.

Currently I am:

  • listening to Strangers to Ourselves from Modest Mouse;
  • enjoying the delicious dim sum from the Chinese restaurant around the corner;
  • attending my sophomore year of college.

The realization came to me one morning as I was taking the bus that while I was an active developer I never had my own my own blog.

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